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All walks listings on the site show the walks that have been arranged by the thirteen traditional Ramblers groups in the area. The Area produces a six monthly printed programme of walks by these groups known as the Area Joint Programme [AJP]. You can download a PDF version of the current edition from the AJP page on this website. Some previous editions are also available. These PDFs are exact copies of the original publication and do not indicate any subsequent cancellations or alterations. This website shows a prominent panel where cancellations and notified alterations are displayed.

Listings are updated at midnight of each day, so that completed walks are removed at the end of the day they took place.

There are  two Meetup groups in the area - Dundee Ramblers Family Walks & Tayside Young Walkers. Their walks can be found on their respective Meetup pages - links on the Groups page of this site.


There are several reasons why walks are cancelled or altered. Walks must be in the hands of the Area Publications Secretary six or seven weeks before the start of each six monthly programme. The various groups will have finalized their programmes anything up to a month before this. Any errors that make it into the AJP, or cancellations due to weather or other reasons, or alterations required by changing circumstances due to the passage of time, can be modified in all online listings by changing details in Ramblers GWEM. Each group has at least one editor who can do this. If the editor considers the change significant he should flag the entry to appear in the Altered Walks panel of this website.

Altered walks panel

The panel is located immediately below the menu bar of the website and is displayed on the front page, the Walks Programme, the Groups page and the AJP page.

Cancelled walks are shown first, along with the reason, and altered walks are shown at the bottom of the panel.



Shows all upcoming walks in an 'accordion' list. Clicking on an entry causes it to expand and show all details.


Two entries from the list are shown above. Each entry consists of a coloured icon, date of walk, walk title and length of walk in miles/kilometres. The icon is colour coded to the Ramblers grade and placing the mouse over the icon displays 'Easy', 'Leisurely', 'Moderate' or 'Strenuous'. Local grades are shown when the entry is expanded as shown below. The red flag - NEW! - is displayed if the walk has recently been added or edited.

There are several useful features in the expanded entry. Clicking on the links in the Meeting Place or Start Place Sections will display Google directions or an OS map of the location [displayed by]. If a distance in metres is shown beside the postcode in the Walk Start section, this shows how far the postcode is from the grid ref. Clicking on it will show the Ramblers Walks Finder entry for the walk. This includes a map of Meeting Place and Start Place. Zoom in on the Start Place to see how helpful or otherwise the postcode is. There is also a link to the Walks Finder at the end of the entry along with a date that shows when the entry was last edited or initially posted. 

 accordion details

Cancelled walks look like this.

cancelled entry

When the Walks Programme opens it displays all upcoming walks. You can choose to show only 'Strenuous', 'Moderate', 'Leisurely' or 'Easy' walks by clicking on the buttons located at the top of the Programme [illustrated below].

filter grades

This Walks Programme is listed by date and then start time, so that the walks appear in a different order from the AJP, where they are listed by date and then alphabetically by group.


This displays the location of all upcoming walks. Zoom in until you get individual 'walker' icons for each walk. Click on the icon to see details and then click on the details if you want to see the full description in Ramblers Walks Finder.

A cancelled walk displays a red walker icon.

Advantage - Quickly see where all walks are going to be.

Slight disadvantage - You don't see when the walk will take place until you click on it.

Walk leaders can use this map to get a grid reference for their walk.


This opens the Walks Finder in Ramblers web site on a new tab in your browser. It opens with Forth Valley, Fife & Tayside [all groups] already selected. There are many ways to filter the walks. For example by [Ramblers] grade, by length of walk, by group and even by day of the week.


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